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This is a good way of getting phone calls. I know over priced homes have always been a good source of leads. I just put the sign up until they realize they need to lower it. The form is great. MelissaThere was a blog the other day which talked about overpriced listings. I posted a reply...and at ...
I am a real estate agent in Port Saint Lucie Florida. I started over three years ago in a Local Rental office as a receptionist. I found I liked the business so I got my license. I saw an immediate change in how I was treated in the "office" . I could not longer answer the phone because people th...
I have been spending most of my time renting homes that were bought in the big bubble. Most people moved out of these homes and are trying to stay alive by short sales, foreclosures or renting them at half the payment of the mortgage. Most people do not want to bother with taxes and homeowners in...
Finding Rental Property for the Handicap I recently had an experience of trying to find a rental property for a paraplegic in a wheelchair. He was on a fixed income and Had an Organization helping him with first and last. I was amazed at the Home Owners lack of caring. They did everything they co...
Selling a house in Florida in "Hurricane Season" I have lived in Florida since 1984, and have seen hurricanes come and go. The last three were the most intense, Frances hit on my husbands birthday, Jeanne hit on my birthday, and Wilma was a surprise. What most insurance companies have done is mad...
The market has so many homes that were bought at 100% financing and now the payments and taxes are sky rocketing. They turn to us to sell their home so they can hopefully not foreclose. I find the sellers want us to lower our commission and cut costs but still sell the home. If by chance you find...

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