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  It is that time of year again when we scramble around and send out cards to friends, family and clients (or potential clients). The biggest question we all tend to struggle with is how we do this without offending others or compromising our own beliefs. My opinion is not whether I will offend b...
Thanksgiving is a time when we all talk about food and football. How much we are going to try and stay away from the desert table and not drink quite as much as last year all well we continues to lie to ourselves regarding such activities. As with all holiday seasons we wonder how will be able to...
What is it about the pictures we all tend to put on our cards and advertising! I know that we are suppose to put our best foot forward and present a respectable and professional image. We all know that you can never make a second first impression or take back something you said that got you 2nd p...
I posted this back in may of 07' After re-reading it I realized that it is a timeless message and one that I must now apply more than ever, especially in this market. Be prosporous out there, JD This is going to be short and sweet. As we all know prospecting is the heart and soul of our business....
It has been over a year since I last logged on or wrote anything on this site. I kind of got all fed up and twisted on tiny details and lost sight of the bigger picture. Well with a brighter outlook of not just the industry but of myself I am back and going back to basics. When I did log back on ...
Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.David Icke                                                                                  I read this and it made me wonder if this guy was not some kind of an evil genius. Think about what he said. Most of our industry heavy hitt...
It is that time of year to take a good look at what we have done and why we really didn't do what we set out to do. When we look back it should only be a brief gaze as to what were our goals and did we meet them? Anything other than that would be a waste of time. What we need to do is to look for...
Quote of the DayEighty percent of success is showing up.Woody Allen I know this may sound silly but think about it for a while. When you sit in your office and you see people coming and going and putting up numbers on the board you have to wonder. I know I have thought about this for a while and ...
Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.Vince LombardiThink about this for a while, we tend to have certain habits in what ever we do. We get up at the same time start our day pretty much the same every day. And do pretty much the same thing. Here is where it gets ugly and what most of us d...
I have another one of my inane questions I wish for you to ponder upon and of course I do look forward to hearing your comments. That statement may be the most sensitive one I pose for a while so bear with me. As we all know Christmas is just around the corner and we all send cards and emails tha...

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