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I am writing to share an experience I just had with some buyers looking to buy a home.  I was contacted by e-mail by some clients who had disappeared from the home buying scene for a while.  They said they would be in the area between this date and this date and would like to go and look for a su...
Our Real Estate Commission in South Dakota has just approved a bunch of new forms....In the quest to make life easier, we are trying to figure out a way to put them on a disc and make them fillable forms.  This would make things easier because then you would put your disc in the drive and fill in...
I have a question for all of the seasoned Realtors out there.  What is the one thing you must do when you are doing a listing presentation that puts you above everyone else when you are doing a listing presentation??  Is it the way you dress, or is your presentation the bomb?  What puts you over ...
Websites are a great way to promote your property as 80% of all homebuyers start on the web.  So, how do you know if your website is working for you?? How many leads should a Realtor get off of their websites??  I would love some insight on this subject...How do you know in other words that your ...
Hello....I was just wondering if those of you who use taglines feel like they have helped you to succeed.  Our responsible broker wants us to use taglines.  I am not opposed, I just have a hard time coming up with them for myself.  I would appreciate any advice you might have regarding this.  I t...

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