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Zillow Home Value Index More US Home Values Experts wrong again and again and again Homes for sale in Everett and Everett real estate in general just took another “unexpected” drop. Are you getting as tired of the “experts” being wrong, wrong, wrong again and again as I am. This broken record is...
Another Obama plan that will do nothing for Everett real estate This information will not have a major impact on homes for sale in Everett and / or Everett real estate in general. The IRS finally got around to clarifying the guidelines for the home buyers tax credits. That’s right the $8000 credi...
Again the Law of Unforeseen Consequences strikes at the heart of Government Actions Or how to not think something through. More wasted tax dollars and how that affects the market for homes for sale in Everett. Don’t expect the feds to help improve the outlook for homes for sale in Everett or the ...
Why Yield Spread Premiums can be a good thing for the consumer YSP (yield spread premium) or also called rebate is very useful tool in financing or refinancing Everett real estate. For example I just did a refinance using an FHA mortgage. I used the YSP to pay for my clients closing costs. I save...

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