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 I will probably now be known as the TIP WOMAN instead of the insurance agent, but if these tips help just one person, then I will wear the title with honor!!!  :)Remember you can see this tip and many others at ways to keep your home secure while you are awa...
Here in The Colony with all this construction in the area, I have had my windshield broken twice.   Don't we all hate to drive behind the semi's because of the fear of debris flying out and breaking our windshield?  Well, if this should happen to you and if the size of the damage is less than 6 i...
  Hi Everyone,Summer time is here!  Hope you all have a great and safe summer.  Here are some tips that  will help keep us safe!  Please visit my website for more great tips on keeping the family safe: best way of surviving a fire is to prevent it from happenin...
I've been in the insurance industry for about 20yrs.  I've seen a lot of bad stuff peoples personal belongings (theft/fire/storm/vandalism).   It takes years to get your home looking just the way you want it, whether you own or rent.   Protect the assets you've worked so hard for!  As a Farmers a...
 It seems like in this day and age you can buy home insurance from just about anybody.   But does anyone take the time to explain to you what you are buying? Protect your Home, Protect your belongings, and Protect the assets you've worked so hard for! Dwellings and other structures - For most of ...

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