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Your home is looking sharp and you’ve got the word out telling people about the open house. Now you need to be prepared to take action if a qualified buyer attends, likes your home and wants to buy it.Well, you need to know how you want to handle a contract should someone want to make an offer. D...
When selling your home, you have to get the word out to buyers in the area. The Internet is a great method for doing that, but open house street signs work incredibly well. Part of the selling process for a home is conducting open houses. Many sellers cringe at the idea, but having an open house ...
Some people get a bit conservative when it comes to selling their home. They tend to view it as a family heirloom. Instead of taking all possible steps to make it attractive to a seller at an open house, they get offended by even the remotest of suggestions that any such steps need be taken. The ...