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According to Realty Trac Staff, there is one forclosure filing for every 33 households in Colorado, to correct what I previously entered. For the U.S., there is one foreclosure filing for every 92 households. An increase of 42% from 2005. Surprisingly this is still within the scope of normal hist...
Colorado documented the nation's highest state foreclosrure rate for the year, one foreclosure filing for every 33 households. The state reported a total of 54,747 foreclosure filings during the year, an 85% increase from 2005. It's surprising to me that almost one of every three households are i...
I decided that starting with the New Year I would be more efficient with my time and make business planning a weekly event! I seem to do great on Mondays but as the week progresses I don't seem to get everything done on my schedule. It would be great to hear some suggestions on how you promote yo...
It was amazing having close to 60 degrees two days in a row here in Colorado! I opened my windows and doors to get as much fresh air through my home as possible after being closed up for it seems like months! I do believe that a large portion of the illnesses are from our homes being closed up wi...
Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Here are a few romantic tips: On cold mornings warm up her car! I know in Colorado I need to warm up my car for five minutes! You could have a note waiting in the car or hide a note in your partners pants pocket. Send a dozen roses: 11 red roses and 1 white one....
It continues to snow here in Colorado and as long as I can make it out of my subdivision I seem to make it just fine. This is when I really appreciate my four wheel drive! It was great to hear from others in the area that are engoying the family time that comes along with staying indoors because ...
Colorado is expecting another dose of snow this week. Adding to the mess that is on the ground already. Be sure to brush off your trees so that they don't get stressed. Also keep that gas tank full and your wiper fluid full.


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