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The home seller let me in the house and within a few seconds, her dog came out of "no where" and bit me on the calf and drew blood.  I said "your dog just bit me"...she said "OH NO, IT WAS NOT MY DOG, MY DOG DOES NOT BITE!!   As blood is running down my leg, the seller is insisting I must have hu...
"Bait and Switch' is a game many real estate agents play when advertising homes for sale in Orlando... in order to get unsuspecting home buyers to call their office by "dangling" a property that is really no longer available for sale and not on the market.  As more home buyers go to the internet...
Some Home buyers with no intention or qualifications for buying a Windermere Million Dollar Luxury Home wants to view a few of these million dollar properties, anyway.  There are agents who chomp at the bit to show luxury homes to just anyone...not me.  I do not want to waste my time, the listing...
This morning I was giving Mike an update on a Windermere waterfront home that our client wanted to see...he said "Why buy in Windermere on water if there is no water view?  Living on waterfront, is all about the view"  How true! Lets face it, a Windermere waterfront home on a prime lake is pricey...
I try not to work with the Orlando home buyer "dreamers" but occasionally, one slips in that thinks that the rules of buying when the Orlando home supply is short and the demand is great, does not apply to them. If the above sounds familiar, than yes, this letter is to you...please read it twice....
First of all, what or who is REALLY a "Top Producer"?  According to what?? Who bestowed that title?  Where is the crown? The definition of a "producer" is someone that "creates, manufactures or makes"; "someone that produces goods for sale".  I can only relate that to a farmer that raises crops f...
Buying a Windermere home?  Interview your buyers agent! Many Home Buyers will interview Buyers Agents before they hire a Windermere Buyers Agent  to work with...a excellent thing to do.  Lets face it having a relationship with a Windermere real estate buyers agent who is going to advise you on yo...
It was 1992, and she walked with confidence into my "For Buyers Only" real estate office and asked for my resume.  I was almost 3 months into having my own office and I was not busy...I was doing "0" business..no buyers and not a single phone call.  Home buyer representation was almost unheard o...
Orlando Housing Statistics April 2013 For more information about Single Family Homes, Town Homes, Condo's, New Construction or what the prices are in the various cities and communities, please contact our Exclusive Buyer Agency Office at 407-539-1053.
Winter Park Florida Home Buyers like to ask this Winter Park Buyers Broker a lot of questions about Winter Park Florida.   Winter Park Florida is a special city in metro Orlando where real estate is desirable and living is easy. Winter Park is a tree canopy of unique homes, historic culture and e...

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