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I grew up poor with an immigrant mother that was a master negotiator. You can become one too...in fact, I wrote these 13 easy steps just for you.At the age of 5, I started my “training”. Every weekend my mother took me to the Farmers Market to stock up on food for the week. She would buy everythi...
Being ripped off is not fun. It’s not only about the money I lost…it was humiliating, insulting and left me feeling really stupid. Also, this was not my first Florida home purchase, so I really felt double dumb… I mistakenly thought I was smart enough to handle it. In hindsight, I was real estate...
Real Estate conflict of interest is always downplayed, misunderstood, ignored or kept a secret. It is rarely talked about, not acknowledged, and for sure never admitted. What is a conflict of interest?  It is a situation in which a real estate agent in a position of trust has either a personal or...
True Buyer Representatives Orlando FL are badly needed by all Florida home buyers. Florida is a “caveat emptor” state which serves as a “buyer beware” warning that the buyer needs to “be aware” of all their real estate nuances. There are about 300,000 licensed real estate agents in the state, yet...
Dreaming about luxury lifestyle vacation homes in Orlando FL.? Wish you could go somewhere just to have fun? Maybe it’s time to discover your vacation home options and let us help you find the home of your dreams. We make buying a vacation home simple, so you can start enjoying a vacation home lu...
If you are thinking about Luxury New Construction in the Orlando area, please put your seat belt on now. I am going to take you on a ride behind the scenes of buying a new construction home and it is not what you think. Here is a true new construction luxury buyer story: this one I call “bait and...
There are several contracts to sign when buying a Florida home. Purchase contract, closing statement, terms, addendums and more addendums. Nothing too difficult to figure out. So why is it that many agents that are involved in the Real Estate transaction just don’t bother to read or understand wh...
You have spent days looking for that dream home…you find it!  You buy it. You do inspections, get a mortgage, order a survey and secure insurance.  So now you are happy and can’t wait to move into your perfect home. Except… After signing the closing documents, you go look at the house and it does...
Truth about Florida’s Real Estate Flippers is something most home buyer are not aware of. Home Buyers love pretty houses…buyers like new stuff.  Buyers like to see updated homes. But is the “new camouflage” really worth it? Are these renovations hiding more secrets than home buyers suspect?…you ...
#1 Misconception: The New Construction Builders Agent is there to “help” you, the buyer.  Not so.  The New construction agent only works for the builder and their primary job is to “sell” you on the the community so you fall in love and want to buy in that community. Their loyalty, and confidenti...

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