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Picture what your dream house and neigborhood will look like and try to find it.We all have this image in our mind and so take this image and try to make it a reality.Buying a house is a long term investment so please take the time to picture what your looking for in a home. 
 Moving is an adult decision but for many young families the decision to move is because of the desire to find a home to raise a family. Many young families move with the thought of their children and finding the right neighborhood with other children and finding a good school district.So if the ...
   America, My Hometown: A Poem by Joseph P. MartinoAmerica, My Hometown "When I travel about this great nation, I never cease to frown,…. for wherever I seem to land and settle, I call……America, my hometown When I cross the Golden Gate in Frisco Bay, the western States,the Rockies and great plai...
    New Neighbors just moved in and boy has everything changed. We cannot go outside at night, No more BBQ's for a while, we moved the garbage cans and put them inside our garage, and now walk the dog on a leash and try to keep him away from the back yard. I hope they move soon.
                                                              Pins                                             and                                                    NeedlesEvery Real Estate Transaction has it's moments during the transaction where offers go back and forth between buyer and selle...
 Cabrini Green Projects The other day I went to see the play " The Projects" by the American Theatre Company. This was a wonderful play about a topic that is not talked about too often. It was a history lesson about affordable housing in Chicago and about the people who live in them.I strongly re...
I think when I need to order new signs I might get a few of these to let my sellers know how hard I work for them!
One of my favorite stories comes from Milton Erickson, the famous Psyhiatrist.Milton was seeing two seperate patients. Both were young and not in a relationship. Each week they came to see Milton and most of the hour spent in therapy was talking about how unhappy they were because they were not d...
  In Business and in Life we all come across roads that will lead us in different directions. Which road will you take and what made you decide what was best for you?Buying and selling real estate is a big transition in one's life and can lead us down different paths.If you have lived somewhere f...
Chicago Blues Fest Starts this Weekend and the Star of Tonights show is Buddy Guy. Here is a sample of his music. 

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