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Have you ever taken out a client and looked at properties and from the initial look they appeared to be great investments but as you got to look what's behind the curtain they don't look so good? The other day I was showing a client an investment property that had four seperate houses for sale. T...
I am learning how to use Video for My Business.
If you have been in the Real Estate Business for a long time you can roll the dice and the odds are on some deals you will love and on other deals you hate the business and can't wait for it to end.For your information many of the clients we work with have the same reaction. Sometimes they love t...
 For those of you living in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas I know the recent storms have been devastating to you so my thoughts and prayers go out to you and hope you weather the storms . 
 Number 1 Enemy in Real Estate are Lock Box issues and Key Issues. One of things I hate most about Real Estate is finding a lock box that will not open.I feel like such a fool.If you can't get into the property you can't sell it 
If you are a Listing Agent then at some point in your career you have had a listing that was not getting the activity you wanted and you had to come up with a new strategy to attract more buyers.  But if I were a seller and my agent did this he would not be my agent for very long.  
 I read the horoscope everyday to see how my day will be. I never thought about tarot cards or crystal ball. I bet I would get the same prediction as the man above!
When I started selling real estate I looked hot!

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