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Working with Banks in a Short Sale is like being a parent with a child. You need to: Feed Them:    Like a parent with a newborn infant, the parents role is constantly feeding the infant with information until the baby is full. The bank wants  a complete Short Sale package and will not even look a...
CARE Webster's Definition : noun 1. the work of caring for or attending to someone or something 2. Judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger 3.  An anxious feeling. 4.  A cause for feeling concern. 5. Attention and Management implying responsibility for safety. 6. Activity involved in maintaining ...
I am sharing this poem I found because we all need our spirits lifted when we need it the most.  This is my New Years Wish to all... Things Work Out Written By: Praveen  |  Category: Life  |  Trackback  |  No Comments  |  1,643 views Because it rains when we wish it wouldn't,Because men do what t...
I just received an email linking me to an article by RIS Real Estate article which stated that fewer home owners are underwater in their mortgages. This at first sounded like good news but then it went on to qualify that news by saying that this is more likely not the cause of an improved real es...
   (I take off my Hat to all the Good Guys out There) I refuse to believe in the saying" GOOD GUYS finsh LAST" when it comes to my Short Sales. I will fight to the end and do whatever I can to get  my Short Sales  approved by the banks. As is the case on a Short Sale I am working on right now as ...
   Let's face it there is Good Advise and Bad Advise I recently met with a Short Sale client of mine and was upset to hear my client recently received what I call Bad advise from two different people. Both people told my client they should let their home go to foreclosure. I think telling a clien...
                   2011 Shadow Inventor Hits Market Look Ahead to 2011.. Do you see your shadow? I am not talking about the Spring Market and Ground Hog Day.. No. I am talking about the Shadow Inventory.. soon to hit the market as early as January 2011. Ok folks get prepared because 2011 is the y...

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