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Fannie Mae was created in response to the Great Depression when the economy made it difficult for homeowners to meet mortgage terms. Fannie Mae purchased and securitized FHA and VA mortgages to inject liquidity into the mortgage market. The problem we are faced with today is not that different fr...
 Last night I watched  Friends and Neighbors  with Ann Curry of MSNBC Dateline. I was saddened by how many people in SE Ohio are homeless and barely surviving. The number of people loosing their homes is staggering and the numbers keep growing everyday. I say we need to come up with a different p...
  Where have all the sellers gone? Long time passing Where have all the sellers gone Long time ago.   Where have all the buyers gone? Investors have picked the good ones everywhere When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?   Where have all the builders gone? Long time passing Where ha...
I predict strategic defaults are going to be the next wave of foreclosures.  It was reported that the financial markets will not recover for another 3 to 7 years. As I see it Real Estate is the last to recover.  I predict it will take 7 to 10 years before Housing will recover. Why would anyone wa...
One of my short sales was denied by the bank. The reason was not because I did not have an offer because I did.  But let me start this story from the beginning not the end.  It was July of 2009 that I met with the seller. She purchased 3 condos with an Option Arm loan and paid $170,000 for each u...

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