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                                                       During the last couple of days I have been hearing the testomony from top executives at Goldman Sachs. It appears from their testimony that it does not matter whether the market is up or down they will always find a way to profit. According t...
    The other day I went to  Realtor.com to get some traffic data on my listings and found one listing in particular has been seen by 1,424,468 people. We all know the saying " Its a million to one chance that your going to win the lottery "  but I wasn't planning that this saying would also refe...
In the Tribune business section on Thursday were 2 articles with 2 different stories and its hard to figure out or who to believe. The first article was on the front page of the business section " Illinois Housing Defaults Double" the other was on page 4 of the same section "$3.3 billion profit a...
Admin Options Edit Post Add Tags Cancel Delete Post Edit Blog Posts 6918 N. Seeley Avenue 3 B (MLS # 07287794)   Short Sale Approved $56,000.00   Need Buyer     Is this the typical thing with short sales? You get an offer and submit your short sale package to the lender and you do not hear from t...
  The Voice of Frustration over the number of homes being foreclosed was Heard Loud and Clear today at James R. Thompson Center. Several Political Action Neighborhood Associations met at a rally to voice support for a $1,000 fee on all judicial foreclosure sales in Illinois that would be used to ...
    Family Therapist Virginia Satir identifies 5 personaliy types when people are in a stressful situation.  I would say working with homeowners in a Short Sale is definately a stressful situation so I suggest you become aware of these 5 personality types as you will most likely be confronted wit...

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