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        When it comes to predicting the state of the economy and the real estate market its like looking at a glass of water. Is it half full or half empty? Neither. We are no where near a recovery nor are we at the bottom. STOCK MARKET: In the short run the stock market will get better before ho...
  During the past six (6) months we continue to see high volume of foreclosures in all five (5) counties. What appears to be shifting is the number of foreclosure sales versus the number of short sales. The reason for the increase in foreclosures can be explained in different ways. One would exp...
Campbell Communications surveyed 1,000 real estate agents and found 19 % of all home sales during January and February of 2009 were Short Sales. On average there is one Short Sale for every two foreclosed property sales. Short Sales are more cost effective than a foreclosure because they avoid th...
I think we need to think about who we are rewarding and who we are hurting . While the intentions of the Making Home Affordable Mortgage Program ( HAMP) is supposed to be help homeowners who have fallen behind in their mortgage the number of people being helped is below the estimates. Originally...

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