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I want to buy a home in Sioux Falls but I don't have the money for the down payment. I hear this time and again and I am sure you do too. In a world where it seems that everyone has their hand in your pocketbook it is possible to save money if you are just a little creative. So without further a...
Once upon a time a women wrote a contract. The contract was with a couple who seemed normal….emphasis on seemed. This woman bought contract for deed/land in where the owners of the property act as the bank.  It started out innocently enough, the contract was written, the trasactio...
 In the heart of the city just a stones throw from downtown I have found a awesome new lunch spot. Azteca Mexican Restaurant has an extensive menu consisting of fajitas, burritos, tostadoas and enchiladas. Prices are very reasonable and portions are generous. So far my favorite dish is the Beef ...
 Leave your oversized furniture in small rooms. Leave that gaudy wallpaper. Leave the dog during showings. Leave a tenant. Leave in that green shag carpet. Smoke like a chimney. Leave a, dog, urine, etc. Leave that room painted black. Add the commission of top of the price you have ...
January 13, 2012 Doors open at 5pm with a style show at 5:30  shopping begins 6pm January 14, 2012 Doors open at 9am-3 Prices range from $50-300 with the average price being $150.00 Mostly new with some gently worn dresses. All sizes. Over 1000 dresses available. Cash or Check Only.  This is a B...
We all love our pooches! What is not to love? All of those sweet wagging tails and those sloppy puppy kisses just melt our hearts right?! Well there is ONE thing not to love. Landmines....AKA dog logs, nuggets, droppings can leave your yard looking, well less then stellar. But never fear the Doo...
I have a penchant for vintage things. Old clothes, old music, old furniture, old books all will catch my eye. So the other day on Facebook when I noticed a friend had liked a new vintage store I got all excited. So I took the afternoon off and discovered Aviena. Aviena is a curious little shop w...
As a Realtor I frequently work with people who need or need to get rid of furniture. The downsizing client who is moving from a four bedroom house into a condo who needs furniture to disappear fast. The first time home buyer who is moving out of an apartment into a house with not much more then ...
  Do you drink raw milk? I have been for four years now and I don't intend to stop. Raw milk is just milk straight from the cow. Conventional milk is pasteurized, homogenized and comes from cows injected with hormones and antibiotics. Conventional dairy cows are also fed a grain based diet to up...
RASE November 2011 Housing Market Statistical Reporting   Sioux Falls, SD – December  9, 2011: Home prices are one of the most popular barometers of market vitality, yet they only tell part of the story. Soft prices may accompany improvements in other indicators such as purchase demand, absorpti...

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