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Today is featuring an article about why now might be the best time to sell your home. I don't need to read the article but I'm glad they are publishing it. Now it probably the best time in years to sell a home and move up to a higher priced home. There are a lot more entry level buyers ri...
Yesterday, our newspaper featured a story talking about how 60% of people in the US are not planning on buying property in the near future. This is an increase since the last poll taken in February which stated that 53% we not planning on buying in the near future. This article almost seemed like...
I wanted to share this with everyone. If our business is picking up, I hope this means everyone else will have good news soon as well. The figures for 2007 are in and were published in the Columbia Business Times. It turns out, significantly more new homes were bought in 2007 than were built. Thi...
If anyone from Columbia, Missouri is reading this and ready to buy, give me a call right away. I just listed 3 brand new homes that were built with affordable housing grants. The home prices are $80,000, $90,000 and $124,000 for brand new homes. They have a 20% downpayment grant, free money! You ...
My husband worrks in the advertizing industry and he brought home the January 28, 2008 Advertizing Age magazine because the front page article is critical of the ad campaign from the National Association of Realtors. I really think they are just jumping on the bad news band wagon. The article sta...
I have two new clients buying a home who are on Section 8 assisstance due to medical conditions which keep them from working. They have credit because they have always paid their bills. Their incomes are low because they are living on disability but it is possible to find homes for them due to ou...
Take a look at this. I don't think the editor was on the job when they came up with this. There is a ad promising to help you earn $1,000,000 using their techniques next to a news article about loan officers collecting over $1,000,000 in fees during an illegal flipping scheme.
I was contacted by a reporter about a house I advertized and sold that was a major fixer upper. I told the truth about the condtion in the advertizing because I was looking for a buyer that wanted a project. This situation ended up causing an uproar because our Board of Realtors thought I was doi...
If you're in town some time, make sure and eat at some of our wonderful unique independent restarants. Try something new. Here are my favorites:Sophia's3915 S. Providence Road.573-874-8009They feature Southern European cuisine. Check out the Lobster Ravioli, it's unbelievably delicious. Don't mis...
This is the time of year when the houses that didn't sell over our busy summer end up expiring from the market. If this happens to you, you might feel angry your home didn't sell whether you blame the market or your agent. You may also feel worn out from your time spent getting your home in perfe...

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