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Email Scam. 9-23-2014 Well, I haven't been receiving as many of these as I used to. This one is fairly sentimental, though I wasn't promised a ba-zillion dollars! Check it out: joy megahose  Aug 2   to joy "hello my dear,My name is joy karume, I saw your profile today at during my br...
Email Scam. 7-14-2014 Got another scam in my email the other day. They just keep coming! Check it out... "Dear Customer, We recently updated our Online system to include a new secure authentication layer . This is intended to provide you with the best security possible when accessing your account...
Overrated and Underrated. July 9, 2014 Overrated - Ice cream cake. My broker had another birthday today and there was leftover ice cream cake in the freezer waiting for me at the office. I like ice cream sometimes, and cake every once in a while, but this thing was way too sweet! Underrated - Pan...
How NOT To Market Your Company Via Email I received this email the other day. It's an advertisement for a painting company. First, Igor put his name as the recipient. Next, he misspelled "Happy" and didn't use the sentence correctly. Finally, he's in California. I'm in Michigan. Good luck, Igor! ...
If You MUST Stay, At Least Stay Out Of The Way! There are some home sellers that just don't understand that staying in the house while a buyers agent shows potential buyers around it. Then, there are home sellers that follow the buyers around, trying to "sell" their house to them. Let the buyers ...
Did You Miss Me? Hi, Everyone! It's been a while since I've "blogged." But I'm back! I'm gonna try to do one every day for the entire month of November. It might be a little difficult toward the end of the month, but I'll see what I can do. Let me know if there's anything specific that you'd like...
Think Long and Hard About Co-Signing for a Step Child's Student Loan A few of you know the situation I've been going through lately, and as time passes, I'm sure I'll write something start-to-finish about it. But right now, I just want to send out a warning. I was talked into co-signing for my th...
ALL Real Estate Agents Are Part Of A TEAM! There's been some talk recently about whether being a Big Real Estate Team is better or worse than being a sole real estate agent on a transaction. Without bashing either angle, here's my view: I work as a single agent, but believe it or not, I have a TE...
The Weekly Wrap Up - June 30, 2013 I've been negotiating a listing of mine all week. It's never fun to wait for the other side to respond, when it takes 2 days (and counting). After a heart to heart sit-down, I came to the conclusion that a buyer I was working with would be better off renting an ...
My Greatest Failure? Is There Such A Thing? I'm not sure that being a "failure" is necessarily a bad thing. I got a D- once on a report card (stupid Geometry Theorems!), but I got through it. I "failed" as a Rock Star. There are even times when I look back over a situation with my kids and briefl...

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