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There seems to be an ad war here in Atlanta with two mortgage companies pushing these "no closing cost mortgages". Both ads sometimes run during the same 60 min radio program repeatedly, sometimes bashing each other.These two  companies claim that they will pay all the closing costs, including ap...
Looking for discounted Covington GA HUD Homes? Click HERE for a list of our discounted HUD Homes. Covington GA is very attractive place to live for families, because of the good schools. There are a lot of parks in the area with many churches. There are also many small businesses in the area like...
Want to buy one of the Discounted Forelcosures in Covington GA? Click HERE for YOUR FREE list of discounted homes.We get calls from many home buyers daily, who want to buy a home and want to save a lot of money. There are many foreclosures out there now. Some of them are good deals, but the major...
Looking for good deals on Townhomes for sale in Atlanta GA? There are some very good deals out there now.I got a call from a buyer yesterday who wanted to buy a brand new townhome using a lease-purchase program because she has some credit issues. I called this new community and spoke with the on-...
Looking for Lease Purchase Homes in Atlanta GA? You have come to the right place to find Atlanta Lease Purchase Homes.CLICK HERE FOR HELP WITH FINDING A GOOD LEASE PURCHASE DEAL.A good number of home buyers today have credit challenges, so they cannot qualify for a mortgage from the bank immediat...
Now you want to buy a home and your agent wants you to sign some papers before they ever show you  a home. So what is this Buyer's agreement?Many states require real estate agents to sign a Buyer's agreement with their Buyers before they represent them. Real Real Estate Agents will require this b...
Has anyone out there tried both "Talking House-Type Systems" and/or Call capture systems? What is your experience with these systems?Which of them is better?Any suggestions on the cheapest most efficient systems? 
Looking to buy on of the discounted Covington Georgia Foreclosures? Many home buyers call me asking for discounted foreclosures in the Covington Georgia area. I usually tell them that they need to look at all foreclosures, but more importantly, the ones that have been discounted. There are some o...
Want to buy one of discounted McDonough foreclosures? Click here to get a free list of discounted homes in the Metro Atlanta area. Many home buyers in the market today are looking for foreclosures. The question is: Are you getting a good deal when you buy a foreclosure? This is one of the most im...
Jumbo loans are loans that have traditionally been needed to buy a home selling for >$417K. Home loans valued less than $417K are usually insured by Freddie Mae or Freddie Mac, so lenders are more willing to make such loans.The interest rates for Jumbo loans have increase dramatically since last ...

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