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In our last article, we shared with you a story about our adventures in handling foreclosed properties on behalf of the banks.  We thought we'd share what we did about this:   We REO agents are valued for our advice and our expertise. Indeed, our focused and professional REO division was created ...
REO War Stories in the Phoenix AZ Metro Area People say to me all the time, "Eric, you seem to know ALL the best places for New Dehli style Indian food buffets." But that's not important right now.  People also say that I really need to get with the times and put fancy rims and speakers on my Fin...
I was thinking today about the specific Tools Of The Trade we REO Agents like to have on-hand as we go about our business with these bank-owned properties. When I was just a little tiny REO agent, my mentor, Obi-Wan "Broker" Kenobi, taught me the ways of the REALTOR®Force.     He introduced me to...
The life of an active REO Agent is a difficult one, believe me! Woe is me! Have pity upon me! Anyway, the Glendale, AZ Arrowhead Home Team at has gotten a new REO assignment, and we're working hard to move out the former homeowner who lost her house at the foreclosure. It's all ...
COMING SOON to a theatre near you! Phoenix, AZ area Real Estate Action Hero E.C. Fahrner stars in in the epic motion picture, "Unnecessary Force" - the new blockbuster about a no-holds-barred Real Estate Professional out to TOTALLY DOMINATE his marketplace!!! Personalize funny videos and birthday...
Here's a wonderfully remodeled Glendale, AZ Home For Sale 18222 N. 56th Lane, Glendale AZ 85308. MLS# 4557222. See us at*Traditional Sale* Another fantastic Arrowhead remodel. Top to bottom, this house is like new and is a must see. Dual pane windows, newer roof & newer AC make ...
"...before you put your Glendale AZ home back on the market, take a step back and review your situation..." 4 Important Points that Will Get Your house Sold! If your home has just come off the market and hasn't sold, don't be discouraged. The reason it didn't sell may have nothing to do with you...
My Mortgage Guru is saying that the tragedy in Japan has out us visiting The Undiscovered Country, relative to the prospects for the global economy. "While the scale of the disaster in Japan and the potential for even more trouble is still being evaluated, the short term impact of the events may ...
What is all this foolish talk about "turning back your clocks" and this so-called "daylight savings time"? I don't understand. Can an Arizona guy even comprehend such a thing?
So, this is my new video I have attached to my Profile. I invited the general public to come in and look around and get to know me, and my Arrowhead Home Team here in Glendale, Arizona. These tricks & tips ActiveRain is teaching us are really coming in handy. Although... it neve...

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