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Digital Farming can bring you a consistent steam of new business. I know there are a ton of people out there making outrageous claims. I don't want to do that. Instead I am Guaranteeing That I can deliver 1 deal within 30 days. I don't ask for any money upfront or anything until after I deliver. It's that simple. This blog explains many of the strategies and tactics used in digital farming to capture more business.
Watch this short video to discover why many websites may be losing up to 30% of the opportunities to get leads from their website. Plus you'll hear about a great resource you can use to make sure that it is not happening with your website. It also covers another free tool that I feel every websit...
Leads! We all need them. The shocking thing is that according to a NAR survey 74% of Realtors report that they are not satisfied with the number of leads they get from their website. Even if you are, there is a lot to be learned by looking at the way major players in the most competitive niches o...
I know. That is what I thought too. How can every person a Real Estate Agent contacts bring in an average of $1,000 in commissions per year?    I didn't believe it until I discovered there are agents who have actually done it!    Of course, something like that doesn't just happen by accident. The...
Get a sneak peak inside a Keller Williams training session where they share a secret that enabled one agent to close 100 transactions per year for 7 years straight. Anyone can do this, yet the shocking thing is that according to the NAR 82% of Realtors are totally missing the boat on this one. Wa...
There is a simple question you can ask that has the potential to turn every person you speak with into a referral source and/or future transaction. This works great for any agent who is out there constantly talking with people to find new business. I am going to show you exactly how to do this, b...
Do you want to see a post that demonstrates smart marketing? You can learn a lot by analyzing other posts on AR. Like this one from Tammie White. She does a lot of cool things with her post. Read it carefully and look at why she writes what she does rather than what she is saying.  There are a lo...
He was dubbed  “the most sought-after wizard” in advertising by Time Magazine. Some of the products he helped make famous include Dove Soap, Rolls Royce and Hathaway shirts. In just one year he increased Mercedes-Benz sales by 400%. Of course I am talking about David Ogilvy. This is a follow up p...
There are so many different ideas about advertising. Some people say it's about building a brand. Others say, one form works better than another. Many get frustrated and choose to ignore it altogether. You might be shocked to hear what a legend in adverting, David Ogilvy, has to say about it. It'...
What makes Active Rain so powerful in search? The community! AR is a powerful platform, but there's still one problem. To dominate online in our marketplace, we need maximum exposure from everything we do online. In this post we will look at how we can work together to accomplish this, but first ...
Referrals! Everyone loves them. Why? Well, because it is a great way to get new clients. Plus when you consider that nearly 40% of buyers and sellers found their agent through referrals and nearly two thirds only interview one agent*, it's obvious that referrals are pure gold. The real question i...

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