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I am impatient; I worry about the future every day. These traits of mine don't always allow me to live in the moment, or appreciate the accomplishments of a passing year. I am always looking forward to the next venture, the next day, and the next fete.  When I get impatient with myself, my sister...
My Fiance and I spend a lot of time talking. About all kinds of stuff. Politics, work, and our journey to get where we are. You'll see a bunch of these tandom posts in my blog in the months and years to come. Our first discusses how each of us see our role in becoming a loving couple capable of l...
(On September 11th, my girlfriend Erin and I left for Cabo for a week long vacation. Little did we know that a few short days later, we would be in the middle of the worst Hurricane to ever hit the shores of Cabo. What follows is my girlfriend's retelling of the events of those four days in Cabo ...
Why Do I Consider Myself a Democrat?  Our country has become increasingly polarized politically, and amidst all the commotion, I’m only a few short months from marrying someone that, at one point, found himself on the opposite side of the aisle from where I sit (pun intended).  Having never dated...
  The Constant Question (the male responder has asked to stay anonymous)IntroCan men and women be 'just friends'?As I am constantly finding myself in the middle of its discussion, I have decided to offer my written opinion on the question:  Is it acceptable for one’s girlfriend to have a man as ...
How Mortgage Rates Workblog by: Erin Oertli, Member Services at Active Rain, Seattle WAHow Mortgage Rates Work is a question that every consumer is faced with when purchasing a home, refinancing, or just plain inquiring.   How many times have you asked yourself ‘Where do banks and mortgage compan...

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