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    It's always wet.  I can't use it for storage. What can we do about it?  Can it be fixed?      I hear this a lot.  Sure you can fix it, but it's not always easy.      First think about the source of the water. It is usually ground water seeping in between the rubble in the foundation.  Sealing...
I last talked about hiring the correct pros to get your deal done. Often in a FSBO purchase I am the only paid professional involved. I frequently see the result of buyers trying to do what they can't do. They usually regret it in the end.  Now, I'll go into some more detail. Buying a home is a c...
I keep threatening to do it. Now I think it's time to do something. How about an extra $100-$150 fee for inspecting a FSBO. It seems fair to me. Someone should pay me for the aggravation. We tend to forget the work that a Realtor does until they are missing from the equation. Simple things maybe,...
      I shut off the water at the meter. I left the heat on in the kitchen. I insulated the pipes. Why did they freeze? Good question and here's why.... it's cold!   What some folks seem to forget is that insulation does not create heat. It will help to contain heat or slow it's transfer, but it ...
  Over the years I have developed thick skin. I have been called a lot of names; some good, some bad. We inspectors are known far and wide as deal killers. I just don't see it that way.   I have never killed a deal. Period. I have seen a lot of offers withdrawn as a result of my inspection, but t...

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