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It's been frantic lately, hasn't it? Lots of re-fi's, and activity; not quite enough people on staff. People are tired, stressed and snappish.The first rule of sales and marketing is they have to like you: Like being with you, like talking to you and come away from every encounter with you feelin...
We are often not meeting our personal or professional goals because underneath it all we question the "niceness" of the sales profession.Who told you that salespeople aren't nice?Why did you buy it?How do you get past it?What can you do to improve your sales?When can you get started?Here's a test...
Many of you are flat out scared of what is happening in the marketplace. With downsizing and consolidating and buy-outs, you are wondering where your business will come from. I am here to tell you that there is always more than enough business for a true professional who knows his or her business...
My professional motto has always been: "Communication is the name of the game". I have always truly believed that people who communicate clearly have a decided advantage. It seems that suddenly everyone else is buying into that theory too.What do you think when you hear that Mr. X or Ms. Z is the...
In this age of finely tuned niche marketing, I find surprisingly few mortgage people who position themselves as specialists. You are a professional. I'm sure there is something that you do better than most other lenders. What is it? And how do you get the word out?Let's start with "what is it?" W...
Most other professionals position themselves as specialists. Doctors do it. Lawyers do it. Dentists do it. Even chefs, landscapers, decorators and CPA's specialize in one segment of the market that they know inside out. They become a knowledgeable resource and the ultimate expert in their field. ...
Commissioned sales is one of the few places where you get paid exactly what you're worth. One of my friends really hates that concept. "I could never live on that!" But loan officers have to do it all the time.The most successful people I know love being on commission! They love being able to giv...
What do people talk about with their friends when they're buying a new car? About new cars! And what do people talk about when they are buying a new house or refinancing a mortgage? Right! Houses and mortgages. And when they talk about mortgages, are your customers talking about YOU? Your goal as...
Linda Brakeall's 7 Habits For Highly Effective Loan Officers    BE PROACTIVE! Don't wait for borrowers and Realtors to call you. When you are the call -ER you have the power. Even when you are delivering bad news. Catch 'em by surprise!  BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. If you want the loan to close e...
Do you want to be among the highest paid Loan Officers in the industry?Do you want to offer your clients the lowest rates available with instant loan approvals and fast closings? If you want to be part of a winning team of talented and exceptional professionals, then you should consider a rewardi...

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