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I know our area was spared the worst of the storm. We turned our power off to forestall any potential problems with a sudden power surge if the power was shut off and then suddenly turned back on. The only issue we ended up having was the pump on our well lost pressure and my hubby had to learn p...
Or maybe a tropical storm or just a strong thunder storm. Who knows?! All I know is I will not be staying this time around just like I didn't stay the last time. I wasn't worried the last time just thought it would be a quick stay somewhere, kinda like a vacation. But this time? I don't know. I k...
To those how have known me for the last couple of years you would know that I am such a graceful (yeah right) person while walking - I have sprained my ankle three times! After being seen by a number of orthopedic doctors who couldn't find anything wrong with me other than being less than gracefu...
I was watching tonight and all I think about is how much I HATE the commercials. I am so tried of the McDonalds chicken sandwich, the Subway Scrabble commercials and the Geico gecko commercials.   Does anyone actually like them? Does every one hate them like I do? GO Phelps! I am hoping he really...
This is an ad I have used to send to our local realtors, I haven't gottne much luck ( any really ) from it. Any suggestions?                   Rates are Low!!! Look at Our 95 to 100% Percent Loans:       USDA Rural: 100%, 102% or no PMI Income limit                           $90,000 until 09/30/0...

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