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Discouraged Buyers - "We missed the boat!" I've been hearing repeatedly from my Buyer clients and new prospective Buyers I meet at my listings lately that they are frustrated with current market conditions. Understandably so! There are 5-10 if not more, qualified buyers in my area competing for ...
  Government Shut Down & Real Estate Business It's Day 4 of the government shutdown, many are saying nothing has changed, but what will this mean for real estate and those of us that sell it?  Fortunately, FHA has not shut down, so mortgage processing will not be affected for the Single Family M...
Winter Is Coming, Market Slowing Down, or Leveling Out? As usual this time of year, Real Estate agents see a decrease in listing and buying with summer in the rear view mirror.  A report came out last month and you may have heard about it on the news, "HOME SALES DOWN 13%!!!!" well, what some of ...
All The Single Ladies......Are Buying Houses!According to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, single women made up 16% of homebuyers nationwide, while single men made up 9%.  The percentage of single women homebuyers has averaged at 20% in recent years past.  This has been ...
Foreclosures Lowest Since 2006 Another not-so subtle sign of economic recovery.  The national numbers on foreclosures are very promising.  Total foreclosure filings, including notices of default, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions, dropped to 127,790 in June, down 35% over the past 12 mont...
Supply vs. Demand - New Construction WoesMost of us in the Real Estate business don't often deal with new construction homes.  I'd wager that upwards of 90% of the average agent's business is resale.  (More like 99% personally) But we must take a look at what is happening with the construction o...
Rising Rates, Not Always A Bad Thing The Real Estate market is certainly booming.  Depending on where you're at in the Real Estate picture, higher mortgage rates can be a good thing.  While rates were low, so was inventory, it still is, but I've seen a slight increase recently as more sellers rea...
Issues With Neighbors Can Lead to Decreased Property Value Scary barking dogs, what seems like a used car lot, yard used as storage, no landscaping maintence.....all of these things can lead to bringing the value of your home down.  Guilty by association (or by proximity, really).  So what does o...
Top Ten Reasons to be Optimistic About the Housing Market Wanted to share this graphic from the California Association of Realtors with everyone.  Have a great week!!!  
Long Way To Go, But The Market Is Looking Good! It's been a strange recovery and it isn't over yet.  Here are a few nationwide factoids that illustrate we are in a good place right now.   - For the first time in a long while, the housing cost-to-income ratio is at 23%, the lowest in 30 years!   (...

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