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Why was my loan declined? No prospective home buyer wants to hear the words "We regret to inform you..." Unfortunately, according to federal data more than two million people in the US heard those ill fated words! Why? For a variety of reasons ranging from just not meeting certain lender requirem...
New bill could improve millions of FICO scores! Did you know that HUD just wrapped their latest and FAILED program. Imagine that! They were supposed to essentially give away $1 Billion but wound up with $600 Million dollars in unused earmarked dollars that they couldn't get their act to gether to...
Here is something for you to really consider...... We all heard of the great loss to mankind with the passing of Steve Jobs. I honestly feel like I have lost a friend with his passing. Here he was, 56 years old, loved by millions..... Handsome, clever, witty, enriched countless lives....  ....and...
  Anyone who's ever been a party to a short sale transaction in recent years where Bank of America holds the lien knows the frustration of trying to navigate a tiny vessel through the huge choppy ocean called B of A loss mitigation dept.  Or heaven forbid you were a buyer or agent using them on y...
Wow! The sky is falling and its raining low interest rates!! I know we've all been hearing about the "historically" low interest rates for years now but OMG for qualified buyers, money is practically free! Did you know you could lock in a 30 year fixed rate conforming mortgage right now, pay no p...
I find it amazing how black & white the current real estate market is in Los Angeles. In recent months foreign and local investors have poured mass amounts of money into the Luxury Market with closings such as the $80 Million dollar "Spelling Manor" to the 22yr old Formula One heiress and luxury ...

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