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We are all aware of the current slump in the real estate market and the economy, and have undoubtedly noticed many area foreclosures and evictions. As a real estate investor, landlord or property manager, your rental property, whether a house, apartment, or building is your source of income. It i...
So you’ve done it – you’ve rented out your property to the perfect tenants. Now, all there is left to do is hand over the keys, and collect the first month’s rent – wrong! Not only should a landlord collect the first month’s rent, but also a security deposit. A security deposit is exactly that, e...
We are all aware of the current slump in the real estate market when it comes to home sales across the country. Chances are, your house, or the house of someone you know has been sitting on the market with a big for sale sign on the front yard for longer than you hoped or expected. Well pull that...
The Internet features multiple websites for property managers and landlords to create lease agreements. However, due to the legal terminology and legal overtones, as well as the contractual nature of the such an agreement, it is imperative that the property manager understand all of the essential...

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