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As we rapidly approach the holiday season, I ask that we all remember, and remind our clients, how to have a happy and festive eco-friendly year-end.Some Tips:1. If you have small children or children who enjoy crafts, get large sheets of Kraft paper (100% recycled) or old packaging paper and col...
Last night, my husband and I watched a You-Tube video about the "Al Gore" debate and the reporter stated that we don't really know if it's a problem that there's global warming and we don't really know if it's humans to blame....Hmmm. Well, I'm not a scientist and I certainly don't care to debate...
Boy, the national media sure has a way of making a "doomsday" event of the current real estate market! As some of you may have seen, the National Association of Realtors is fed up with the negative, and usually false, reports of the current market. They are launching a marketing campaign entitled...
As many of you know, I live in Blaine, Washington. Not only do I live in Blaine, but I LOVE Blaine! The other night, my husband and I were cleaning up after dinner and there was a knock at the door - not unusual with the rush of school fundraisers this time of year...My husband answered the door,...
Well, this is why! My family is the number one, most important thing in my life. I work for them - I love my work...but I love my family more! (phew:)). If I know that an important and urgent call is coming in, I will warn my kiddos that I will have to "talk on the phone for work" for a little bi...
Have you heard of Denise Lones? Well, if not - you should find out about her! She is a real estate guru - truly a master of the industry. She owns a real esate coaching and marketing company, locally here in Bellingham, but operates on both a local and national, if not global, level (just look at...
 Before I got in to this business, I had NO idea what all those letters meant after a Realtor's name. As a matter of fact, even when I entered the business, I had no idea. I figured it represented education, achievement, success etc but didn't know much more than that. So, here's information on o...
Like this picture, it seems to me that the media portrays real estate in sort of a random aray of colors creating something that looks good to the eye of the viewer (as they see it). Now, don't get me wrong; I understand that there are plenty of markets that have been hit hard by a loss of jobs, ...
I have recently branched out on my own and am so excited...Selling real estate is oh-so-fun and I've re-framed some of my business models to fit with my ethics and morals - so if you know from before - watch for changes currently in the works.New Paradigm One: Creating a way to effectively work i...

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