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I was in a real estate office today and was told by a few agents that Countrywide would no longer make 100% LTV loans.  I'm looking for some type of confirmation or information that would clarify if this is true.
My mortgage coach told me once that I wasn't in the mortgage business. He said, "You're in the marketing business.  You already know how to do loans."  I'm pretty sure he was right.  I've tried just about everything over the past 5 years from radio, television, real estate guides, etc. I recently...
  Most of us have seen the advertisements on television and the internet for a FREE COPY OF YOUR CREDIT REPORT!  Remember when your parents said that nothing in life is for free?  Chances are they were right.  While many companies advertise a free credit report it almost always comes with some st...
It's all over the news. Foreclosures are on the rise.  Facing a foreclosure can be one of the most trying and devastating times in a person's life.  Desperate times can cause people to do desperate things.  Unfortunately, this also presents an opportunity for unscrupulous scam artists to take adv...
Most people have been under the impression that a higher credit score qualifies for a lower mortgage interest rate.  For years that has not been the case with most home loans.  If you had a credit score of 620 you would qualify for the same interest rate as someone with an 800 credit score.  High...

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