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South metro Atlanta real estate, living and entertainment, with a focus on buying and selling homes in the "20-South" communities: Airport Area, Henry County, Clayton County, South Fulton County, South Dekalb County, and Fayette County.
This closing gift idea for Atlanta short sale buyers was inspired by this listing photo of a Jonesboro GA short sale I closed last winter.Starting with a good frontal shot of the property -- here, I used the main listing photo which was used in the MLS -- a little artful digital manipulation in a...
Think Pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness!Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime? That’s a harrowing statistic.But with the right knowledge and a balanced lifestyle, caring for breast health doesn’t have to be daunting. Get informed today.The Nat...
This is my entry to the October photo challenge on Activerain.This artwork was created in a simple, free digital paint program. It was the main listing photo, which can sometimes seem a little boring when you shoot it to meet the requirements of your MLS -- exterior frontal view only, please. No ...
It's a fact of my life: Time is of the essence. Every real estate pro learns this adage when we embark on this career. But now, asI enter the last leg of my 7th decade on earth, I realize some things must that were important in previous decades are not nearly as important now.  I still need to ma...
I love October 12th every time it rolls around.Another year, another notch on my belt, another reason to say, "Thank you, LORD!". Every day that I wake up able to get up and go out with all of my wits about me is a BLESSED day,and I'm going to squeeze all of the joy that I can out of it. And I'm ...
How does an expert short sale agent keep all parties to the sale engaged and cooperating while navigating the long lender processing period? This requires a level of expertise that only comes with experience, and can be most challenging to the uninitiated or unprepared agent. The two areas of a s...
Your short sale has made it through the weeks-long paperwork processing obstacle course. Congratulations! You finally have that coveted Approval Letter in hand and are ready to head to the closing table. What could possibly hold you up now? In most cases, you way is clear and short sale success i...
 There are a few things that I really love about being an Atlanta short sale agent: I love marketing Atlanta houses for sale.I love posting them online for maximum market exposure. I love taking flattering room photos that show my clients rooms from their most flattering perspective, and then wri...
When Atlanta area homeowners need to move but feel they cannot because they are upside-down in their mortgage, that’s when it is time for some good old-fashioned straight-talk and some new-fashioned expertise.  If you are a seller in this unfortunate and uncomfortable situation, you may be able t...
Talking resale price with prospective  home sellers can often be the slipperiest slope in bringing their property to market, wouldn't you agree? Of course my Atlanta, Georgia area homeowners want to get the best price they can when they sell, and my job is to help them do that with minimal stress...

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