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Real Estate views from what's for sale to legislation that will have an affect on realtors and our clients.
Historic low interest rates, low prices and huge inventory. Yes it's a good time to buy if you can put 20% down, have good credit and feel secure in your job. Times are uncertain more people need to sell or what to sell to take advantage of the low interest rates and home prices. Now is a good ti...
Buyers are really looking to get great deals on homes; who can blame them however sellers who also want to take advantage of the market can make out too. Even though the sellers will get less for their home when they go to buy they will also  buy low; it becomes a wash.
Our phones are ringing. The buyers are out. Some are looking for homes and then deciding to put their home on the market. Others have sold and are ready to buy. The problem is most people do not want to sell until they know where they are going. I would say get pre-approved by a mortgage lender, ...
I do not understand why some Realtors will still take a listing that they know is too high. The seller does not reduce or the reduction is not enough to make a difference. I do not think it's in the seller's best interest for Realtors to take an over priced listing. I run a CMA so many different ...
Great day to be at the beach; surfers, families and of course the dogs. The Cove is a great place for dog lovers to take their friends to play in the surf. Homes in Manasquan range from 399,900 to 3,499,900.  The average home price is in the 800,000 and median home price are in the 600,000. Avera...
Buy! Mark Twain once said to buy land because they aren't making any more of it! One area to explore is vacation home buying with a group! I know many groups that rent homes for the season at the Jersey Shore, Why not buy? Low interest rates and low home prices make it a good time to explore this...
I find that one of the most difficult things to master is the time management issue. Blogging, social networks all take time and lets not forget the keeping up with your clients and sphere of influence! Technology has made things easier and faster so it is really important to block time in for ot...
If you have never owned a home please start looking to see if you can buy one now. Now is the time to buy for the first time or a vacation/second home. I would Go to the banks, see what you can afford. Check with family members about helping or going in with you as an investment property. Check w...

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Real Estate views from what's for sale to legislation that will have an affect on realtors and our clients.