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On May 29, 2007 parents and students of Windermere Preparatory School were notified that the school's ownership had been transferred to the Meritas Corporation. This news came just before the June 1st summer dismissal. The Private College Preparatory School usually starts and ends their school ye...
At first there was talk in Florida about completely getting rid of real estate taxes for homesteaded properties while increasing our sales tax by a penny or two. Most people that I spoke to applauded the idea.   Florida used to have some of the cheapest real estate taxes in the nation before the ...
As I'm ranting and raving to myself, I notice some of my staff coming into my office trying to find out what's going on with me this morning. They haven't seen me this upset in a while, but they soon realize that it isn't that bad as I start to explain it to them while I laugh shaking my head in ...
They buy a house, sometimes without even seeing what's inside. Then they proceed to rehab it in a week and sell it by the end of the show for an outrageous profit! Can you believe it or is it just good entertainment? Of course we are not talking about the unexperienced buyer trying to do their fi...
We've all seen these shows on TV about flipping homes. They take someone who never did this before and they undertake the task of flipping their first home. They usually go way over budget, and yet they seem to still make a profit. Now that's great TV! But folks, that's exactly what it is, entert...

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