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Just wondering who out there is keeping an eye on Redfin, Buy Side.  What are your thoughts about them.  They seem to be growing, but some say Redfin can't be making the bills.  What to believe.
How does getting your own web page for only$10 a month (not $30-$100) sound?   It's much easier than you probably think. There is a relatively new domain that is offering websites at start-up prices, so instead of NewYorkRealEstate.com (which is obviously gone), you can get yourdomain.ws. The goo...
Wow, The new I Phone, is everything they said and then some.   Just wanting to know how all the other agent out there are finding it.  I find it easy and faster then my last phone the BlackBerry Pearl.  It also saves me money, No extra data plan.  It's included in the monthly.  So that is a savin...
I want to wish everyone out there a happy July 4th.  I hope your day is filled with family, friends, and good times.  Let take a min. to remember the men and women who fight for our freedom.  Thanks and have a save day.
  Wow I was really hoping to get a lot of Realtors to ban together and get the word out on taxes in FL.  It seem all the agents here in Fl. are to busy, I keep hearing them talk and blog about how bad it is out there.  Yet very few want to stand and be heard.  Taxes are killing sales here in Fl. ...
Numbers, numbers, numbers, but not the whole story.  If one was to look at the now or foreclosure rate they might get a little weary.  For the real story look at the whole picture.  A loan of any type has a high risk period, the first 3 to 5 years.  Now ask yourself when were there record sales, ...
Are we getting closer to a fix.  I have to say NO.  A  new plan is out and it will be put in the voters hands on June 29th.   It is said to save 24 billion for home owners and businesses, businesses being the big winner.  Disney is to save over 3 million, and the average home owner is to save 174...
We all get calls to buy leads, or real estate clients from the lead generators.  Some one must be paying for them yet everyone I talk to says, stay away they are not good leads.  Why are some agents paying money up front for a list of clients?  You wouldn't pay another agent up front for a client...
Open Forum,What are you doing to stay on top of your search list?   Tips to stay or get to the first page of your Google search.  The correct Tags.  Google will catch you if you links stuffer!  Sites are dropping from the top of the list for not following Google's recommendations.  Educate your s...
I have posted several blogs concerning FL. property taxes,   The purpose was to keep agents informed and to pressure governor Crist into doing something about it.  Property taxes are hurting our industry, keeping people from selling.  We must do some thing now to help our industry in the future. ...

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