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Real Estate Agent - Ekday Realty - Opening Dec 2007
Just a quick note to let you all know I have updated the current market conditions on my site. If you've been asking yourself, "How's the market in Orlando?," take a trip to my Current Real Estate Market Conditions in Orlando page. I've also added a post with a very brief breakdown of the number...
Don't forget to visit The Bad MLS Photo of the day to see today's picture.  Here's one from yesterday: 
You know you do - everybody does. I do freelance photography for agents in Orlando on the side (I'm a RE broker by day). I decided to put a new blog on my photography site featuring daily bad MLS photos. Check it out, and subscribe so you don't miss a day! Here's the link:Daily Bad MLS Photos 
Well, the Posh'd blog is up to their antics again, and has posted part 2 of their 50 ugliest real estate websites. Seems fitting that a site showcasing the best real estate sites would also take a stab at calling out the worst. So, did your site make it on the list? Have a look-see Posh'd 50 Ugl...
POSH'D HAS ARRIVED!You may have noticed some of your fellow bloggers and favorite websites now carry the Posh'd Badge. So what does it mean? It means those sites are using the newest web technology to build their sites.  If you think you have one of the best Real Estate sites on the web, visit w...
As the session for the Property tax reform in Florida nears an end, I'm noticing a tremendous lack of information available. Not only that, but people just don't seem interested. I'll admit, it's not the most interesting subject, BUT....IT'S IMPORTANT. Maybenobody thinks anything will change (I'm...
If you've made it past the title, you'll realize you're reading this for a good cause. Before I get too far, let me explain why I'm discussing Anal Warts and real estate in the same sentence. If you read the post from our companion Marcus Burke, he discusses using creative keywords to achieve hig...
I posted last night about a new site I'll be launching on May 1st, but I posted it late. This is another reminder that you have 2 days to submit your site for review to be considered on the new POSH site.  Here's a peak!  I have 9 spots left for the release. Here are the benefits of being feature...

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