Joining me, Eric Green, on this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast is the Director of IRS Collection Policy, Rocco Steco, to update everyone on where the IRS is right now in terms of turning back on the automated enforcement and what we and our clients can expect in the coming year.You can watch the ...
I am a tax attorney in New Haven, Connecticut that help taxpayers dealing with IRS audits and back balances all over the country. For S Corporation owners having a grasp and making the right call on compensation is not just smart business practice—it's a vital part of following IRS rules. Reasona...
I represent taxpayers with tax issues in New Haven, Connecticut as well as all over the country before the IRS, Department of Justice Tax Division and State Departments of Revenue.  The IRS knows there are more than 10 million non-filers and has known who they are for several years now.  Last wee...
I am a tax attorney in New Haven, Connecticut that helps taxpayers struggling with tax debt all over the country.  Dealing with tax matters can feel overwhelming, for any taxpayer. Whether its dealing with mounting debts or the looming threat of IRS enforcement actions the financial strain can be...

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