We frequently represent clients who owe significant sums of back payroll taxes, to the IRS.  For years it was rare to see a criminal prosecution for unpaid payroll taxes, but that is no longer the case.  We have seen a significant increase in IRS criminal prosecutions, and it...
We frequently represent clients who have hidden bank accounts in foreign countries and would like to come forward and clean up their issue and sleep better at night.  Prior to 2009 we did through a voluntary disclosure with the IRS criminal division.  Since 2009 there have be...
We frequently represent tax return preparers who find themselves the target of an IRS criminal investigation.  These issues often start when the IRS picks up on issues with a client or two, who without any other excuse point the finger at the tax preparer to deflect the blame...
Our firm represents a significant number of taxpayers in Hartford, Connecticut and elsewhere who have foreign bank accounts and would like to come forward and resolve the matter with the IRS and/or Department of Justice. I cannot stress the importance of coming forward prior to the August 31st de...

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