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If you are an investor, agent, or otherwise interested in the world of personal investing, you probably are like me -- your email box is chalked full of 'get rich in real estate' email proposals. Each one offering some elaborate opportunity to increase your income from home or acquire land at dee...
Recently I received this email:   "A friend of mine who is dealing with an illness and not working needs to sell her home QUICKLY!!!!!!!! She is VERY Motivated! and will work with you direct. Can you help her? or give her some suggestions???"  -- (msg rec'vd 11/1/08) My first thought in respondin...
Social Networking is the marketing plan of the 22nd century. If you haven't been able to establish a professional report with clients, as well as clients-to-be, someone else will. And that could cost referrals. The key to social networking is to be certain that you are not socializing with bunche...
I first posted this blog nearly a year ago, back when the media refused to call the looming economic experience as a RECESSION. That really bothered me. I figured if we can be honest with the consumer, then folks will make better decisions about their money to help push the wealth of individual h...
I heard an economists mention the other day that the basis of the American (system of wealth distribution) economy was no longer oil but instead the silicon chip. Does that suggest that the energy needs of the nation have declined? No. Just that oil production is no longer a primary driver of pro...
subway's eco-friendly nature, vibes well with the healthy living perspective of the 'eat fresh' campaign. get'n rid of plactic cups and bags from every serving sold: reducing cost and waste and adding to more abundant life. and they need cinnamon SunChips.
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RECYCLED CORN OIL: DIESEL FUEL ALTERNATIVE/, so what do they do with all of that McDonald's frying oil? I mean, think about it. There are thousands of burger shops, wing shops, restaurants that have to pay to get rid of their old frying oil; in ever...
LOUISIANNA ECONOMY: SUGAR ETHANOL FUEL ALTERNITIVE/ if we bought real estate in Louisiana and grew commercial grade sugar cane on it? Then we could use the waste from the sugar refining process to make ethanol and sell it online. Or even better, mak...
So BET has a new video  that is all the stir. "READ A BOOK" is the name of the song. It was aired on BETs 106 and Park. CNN even had to get their share of the conversation. If you haven't seen this one yet, go to and check it out. It's got everything you need for todays hip-hop video....

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