Can’t tell you how many times, clients come by our office in Orange County, CA in need of tax help and have no idea where all their documents are. This should not stop you to settle your taxes. Copies of the tax forms like W-2 or 1099 Misc. and others are filed with the IRS, and you have access t...
 At EA Tax Resolutions we teach our clients in Orange County, CA about the IRS 10-year collection statute and the importance it has on our strategy to resolve their back taxes.The IRS has 10 years to collect on your tax debt after the tax has been assessed. Once that 10-year mark runs up, you are...
The first step we take when a client comes to us in Orange County with tax debt, is to find out from the IRS if they are tax compliant. The reason we need to find out if our client is tax compliant, first, is because the IRS will not accept any offers to resolve your back taxes until you are in f...
You just bought your first home, congratulations! With this new decision comes new responsibilities. More bills to pay during the year that you never paid when you were renting. You probably need more money in your pocket yet you see the same paycheck with those big tax withholding to the IRS and...
Once you have received the IRS notices CP 501/503/504 as discussed in my previous blog, the next, and Final IRS notice or letter you will receive if you have not done anything is the IRS Letter 11 or Letter 1058. The final IRS notice of intent to levy on letter 11 or letter 1058 will come certifi...

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