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Whew, quite some time has passed since the last time I shared anything here, but when I was posting regularly, I was connecting with so many kind people that I just thought I would check-in and share a little update. My 2021 is off to a good start in Querétaro. I rang in the new year in Michigan ...
From working toward blogging (and YouTube!) goals to pursuing temporary residency in Mexico, the last few months have been busy. Even though I've called Mexico home since 2017, it wasn't until July of this year that I decided to apply for a temporary resident visa. Up until now, I've been living ...
What a thrill to log into Active Rain this morning and see that my post last week about my new favorite piece of business advice resonated with so many of you. As always, it is an honor to have been featured in Kathy Streib's "What I Learned This Week." I know I'm not the first creator to wax phi...
Does all the business advice out there ever leave you feeling overwhelmed? So many people telling you so many different things. It's tough to know who the heck to listen to! Everyone claims to know the ~*secret to success*~ but when you make a plan to follow in their footsteps you...well, you're ...
A few weeks back, I decided to write a post for my blog comparing expat life and the digital nomad lifestyle. The former is often seen as the traditional manner of moving and living abroad while the latter has gotten quite a bit of buzz in recent years. In the midst of writing the post, I polled ...
Wow, where oh where did May go? It's as if I looked up from my keyboard and, all of a sudden, it was June. In terms of productivity, May was an excellent month for me. I felt as though I had settled into my quarantine routine and got more done than I had in any of the previous four months of 2020...
The other day, a reader gave me one of the best comments I've ever received in the history of my blog. Over on Instagram, I decided to do a little preview and mentioned that I was working on a post about how I transitioned from teaching English online to freelance writing full-time. One of my fol...
Freelance writing isn't for everyone. In fact, when I first started out, I wasn't sure it was right for me. Even though I'd long prided myself on my writing abilities, it was tough to muster my creativity on call.  My ridiculous teaching schedule, which consisted of waking up at 3:30 a.m. six day...
It's such a strange feeling to be in Mexico and still miss it. I guess that's life during a pandemic for you though. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is eager to get back to traveling. But, prior to the coronavirus outbreak, I had turned my attention to South America and was planning a long back...
How is blogging during quarantine going?  Think back to a month ago (perhaps even longer depending on where you live), what did you say you were going to get done while at home? At the beginning of April, I shared 5 things I wanted to do for my blog while sheltering in place:   Give My Blog a Fac...

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