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In Oregon marijuana used for medical purposes became legal in 1998. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act modified state law to allow the cultivation, possession and use of marijuana if prescribed by a doctor for patients with certain medical conditions. Recently, on July 1, 2015 it became legal to gr...
Does your State's Law allow a Landlord to enter a dwelling at will, or must he get permission from the Renter or give notice?  Most landlords, I would hope, realize that in most cases notice must be given prior to entering an occupied rental unit. Of course there are exceptions to this rule and i...
Home prices in many locations across the U.S. have seen a marked price increase as the housing market recovers from the crash of 2008. Soon after the market crash investors swooped in able to pay cash for foreclosed homes, many institutional investors entered the rental market in a big way to tak...
My heart is heavy today and my mind on guns in the wake of another mass school shooting. This shooting in particular hits home for me. The shooting occurred in Roseburg, OR approximately 60 miles from the town I reside in, I have friends and family there. To top it all off the schools, where my b...
It's that time of year again, let the celebrating begin. Fourth of July celebrations are commonly associated with firework displays big and small. Celebrating our independence can also be associated with injuries, fires and home insurance claims. In general, a fire ignited by illegal fireworks be...
Summer is officially here and the warmer, drier weather lends itself to getting projects done around rental properties. There’s some things that need to be done annually after a long, rainy, snowy, cold winter. Besides the ongoing maintenance it’s also important to inspect and repair items with a...
Summer is in full force and the temperatures are soaring here in southern Oregon. As landlords or property managers we know that when the seasons change, whether it’s that first cold snap in the fall or the beginning of the hot summer months this is the most prevalent time for calls regarding mal...
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real concern and can be lethal. There are 29 states that require carbon monoxide detectors in residential buildings. As landlords and Property Managers we are accountable to a certain degree for the safety of our tenants. In order to protect tenants from this toxic ...
There are 23 states and the District of Columbia that currently have laws legalizing marijuana in one form or another and four states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, my home state of Oregon is one of them beginning July 1, 2015.Landlords and Property Managersin Oregon will be needi...
In my previous blogs; Tenant Screening,The Importance of The Credit Report and Tenant Screening, The Importance of the Criminal Background Check I discussed the importance of these two important tenant screening tools. In addition to these two valuable reports an eviction search provides you with...

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