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How do you think of life?  As a growing kid and playing on the school ground with all the other kids, you don't think of how long you it would be until your time comes to leave this life, you figure, I have at least 50 years.  What a long time, you don't have to worry at all for now… ...
Holidays like today, with the family over, holiday weekend, lots to do, and just the idea of resting, makes it very hard to get in the car and show homes. Do you ever tell a client that the house is not available to see and put them off until tomorrow?? It has crossed my mind to let a client sit ...
Yesterday I went to visit my sister, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I wanted to share it with her for a while. Death is an amazing thing, it has been almost 40 years since she died, I am a very strong person, but even walking to visit where she is laid to rest, starts the tears automatica...
Funny how someone can say it is JUDGEMENT DAY MAY 21, and it will be posted on everything that is news worthy around the world.  The entire world will laugh about even the thought of someone putting an exact day on it, But, did you change your life on Saturday, because someone said it was JUDGEME...
This is one of my fun posts, it is fun to hear if you are scheduling for tomorrows business, blogging, getting the weeks game plan together, doing your paper work, or just having fun??? Quick POLL< what and why are you up so LATE?? Let us know, we really are curious.  How is your market doing als...
I guess it helps to reallly know your profession, being in sales long before I became a Real Estate Agent may of really helped me in this profession.  It really helps to know all the areas of the suburbs too.  When a client calls me on the phone, I start to identify what area and what kind of hou...
With this big Ciber world now and every site you want to be on, but not pay for all of them, how is facebook helping you.  I am trying to separate friends from business, it takes time to do that for sure.  Are you having any luck with Facebook?? Is your business picking up?? Duane
It is very hard to schedule a day in the office, just getting everything caught up and prepare for the weekend, it seems like the phone rings the most then.  In he past 3 years, everytime I schedule myself to stay in the office and get things to do stuff, the phone seems to ring the most, and it ...
Once again it revolves around scheduling your day to fit your life.  Most of the time I am working the schedule around my family, but it happens where I have to be there for the client since they have a small window of looking for homes.  Family life tends to suffer every once in a while, but I r...
Wow, from start to finish on a transaction, the work that is involved, the many things that can go wrong with your negotiations, your inspection, your buyers financing, buyers remorse, it all is such a long road sometimes!  In the end of all the confusion, the negotiations, the stress, the hopes ...

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