All my life I have enjoyed selling products in which I believe.  Based on that it comes as no surprise that I am now living in Bluewater Cove, selling houses by Bluewater Builders which built my own and Active Rain have just added the granularity to distinguish all the areas alo...
Maybe I am just a crazy newcomer who has forgotten what the traffic was like during the peak season last summer.  The weekend of March 9, I was at the Emerald Isle Third Street Beach parking area.  The weather was nice for the time of the year, but the beach was deserted.  By the middle of March,...
 I recently wrote this post in response to yet another newspaper trying to help their circulation with a "Real Estate Bubble" article.  I thought a shortened version is worth repeating.  The full version can be found at my Coastal NC Blog. ______________________________________ I pose the questio...
Sometimes it takes forty years to come to your senses.  It was about that long ago when I first drove through one of the dune access road onto the beach and headed down to the Point at Emerald Isle.  Things have changed massively since those days.  If I had only known what I know now, I probably ...


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