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 Well as some of you may know the new Rob Zombie remake/prequel of Halloween the movie is about to come out.  In celebration I thought you might enjoy some photos that "professional" persons who know how to sell a home have placed on the MLSLI (Long Island MLS).   Wow lets go see this home its $1...
As a Real Estate Photographer I find myself looking at what agents send out in my local neighborhood in New York. I live in a Co-op where we have mail box walls.  Opening the mailbox lead to a neat discovery the other day. A just sold card for the my building featuring the agent, the brokerage an...
After working a marathon run of 5 days producing postcards with as many hours sleep (more or less) I began kicking around an idea.  Maybe this is done, may be not.  Only some of my work with the navy has this process be implemented.   After a sale has been transacted it seem that beyond a new toy...
Well time to put my money where my mouth is. Here are several photos that I feel tell the story.  Be careful to not focus on the sink or toilet in bathrooms, in the kitchen show the whole view  not just a stove.  Were selling homes not furniture.   In many situations it can be hard to pull off a ...
No matter if the property you selling is a 15 million dollar castle or a 60 thousand dollar co-op, it's that first impression that determines who's calling and how fast.  I am baffled at how so many down right bad photos make it onto the MLS's and flyer's or or whatever.  Yes I'm a...

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