Little Italy San Diego is ... one of my favorite neighborhoods in downtown San Diego for several reasons. if you want to know why I love Little Italy, click here.  
Forget about printing those property flyers for the yard sign.  Never get that call from your seller asking you to drop what you are doing to come over and fill the flyer box. Go Green... use mobile marketing. Find out more here: You can read more on my other b...
That's right - you read the HEADLINE correctly, I am offering FREE Coaching to AR Realtors! Why am I doing this? ...I am doing this because I am passionate about helping others, but I am also very passionate about improving the overall standards in Real Estate. After managing my own brokerage for...
I just came across this great site for Realtors.  The site provides a FREE easy to follow WordPress Blog setup checklist and a coupon code for 3 FREE Months hosting with a top hosting company. Enjoy your weekend.
Have you always wanted to know the "inside secrets" to online real estate marketing? Do you ever feel like this little duckling?  On the surface you appear calm and collected, but underneath the surface you are treading water or paddling for your life. I know there were many days as an Active Rea...
Dear AR friends, Once again I need your input!  Thank you in advance :) It seems that things are looking up in the world of Real Estate; however, it seems the majority of Realtors are still finding it difficult to find "good buyers" to work with.  Most are being forced to cut back their marketing...
So is it true is AR really going to a membership fee?  I haven't had time to research this, but feel like I keep seeing headlines about it.  Yesterday I met with someone that was telling me it has already happened, but she thought those of us who were already on the system would be grandfathered ...
2008 was far from my best financial year, but I am committed to making 2009 the most profitable year of my life so far. I understand that having money is NOT everything, BUT not having it IS! I would like to share with my AR Friends the challenge I have accepted for myself.  I hope that sharing m...
Hi AR Friends, A local San Diego company has developed an amazing product for us Realtors.  I first met them during a presentation they gave to the technology committee at our local Realtor Association. It was love at first site!  After using it for a few weeks and encouraging my team of Realtors...
I had a very interesting conversation with a small group of Realtors this past week; each feeling frustrated with their level of production. Despite their frustration, the group as a whole seemed to have a renewed spirit of hope for increased business this year. I feel it is fair to mention that ...


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