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You've got to admit, there are two sides to everything. Whether or not the good outweighs the bad is the real question. Are reverse mortgages good or bad? Let's get to the real truth starting with the "bad".Reverse Mortgage Cons:1. Mortgage Insurance - All FHA loans have mortgage insurance, regar...
On the surface, this sounds like an easy question. Everyone wants a reverse mortgage with a fixed rate, right? So how do you actually know if the correct choice is the fixed rate or the adjustable rate? Which program makes the most sense for you? Here are a few facts needed to help make your deci...
1. Using Reverse Mortgages for Short Term Fixes. While there are definitely times where a short term fix is needed, the cost of a reverse mortgage usually makes it more beneficial if you are going to keep it for several years. If foreclosure is imminent or there are repairs that need to be made t...

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