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Press Release - February 28FORECLOSURE AND SHORT SALE SEMINAR -LEARN DIRECTLY FROM THE DIAMONDThe Diamond is back at it again...Edison, NJ - David "The Diamond" Oswald, Founder of Rivers of Income LLC in association with the Premier Networking Group will be conducting a foreclosure and short sale...
Spend a Day with The DiamondBy David OswaldA lot of people aren't sure what the a day in the life of a real estate investor consists of...people ask me all the time if I look at property everyday or if I am always on the phone or if I am in my car all day driving all over the place and my answer....
Press Release - February 16FORECLOSURE AND SHORT SALE SEMINAR - LEARN TO CONTROL PROPERTY WITH LITTLE OR NO MONEY NOW!!!Learn the best kept secrets in Creative Real Estate Investing!Real Estate Investors and those who want to pick up a great deal on foreclosed property!David "The Diamond" Oswald,...
Watch Your Language!By David "The Diamond" Oswald"Watch your language!"  That's what your parents might have told you growing up.  The Diamond is telling you that right now.  I got three separate phone calls in the past 24 hours, all of which started out with the following opening, "Hey Dave, I g...

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