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  This is to let you know that according to Mortgagee Letter 2009-08   that effective April 1, 2009 you will be limited to a maximum of 85% cash out.  So if you are looking to get the 95% cash out limit you will need to get your FHA case # prior to April 1, 2009.  So you will only have a few days...
It kind of looks like Ethan is doing a knuckle push up.   Contact us at New American Mortgage for your FREE Mortgage Consultation.  We specialize in VHDA, VA , FHA, Conventional, Jumbo and First Time Homebuyers.    
I wanted to introduce a store in Virginia Beach that I had the pleasure of shopping at this past weekend.  It opened up in November and had no idea until a friend told me about it and wanted to share with everyone!   Apricot Lane is a cute little boutique with women's clothes, accessories, handba...
  The VHDA FHA Plus program is still available for first time homebuyers to purchase with no money down.  You need to qualify for a FHA loan and VHDA offers a 5% 2nd to assist with downpayment and closing costs.  Both the 1st and the 2nd are the same rate.  Qualifications : First Time Homebuyer ...
I know alot of people have already explained this but I still get daily questions on this new topic. All First Time Homebuyers who purchase a home in 2009 are eligible for the $8,000 First Time Homebuyer Credit. Qualifications: A First Time Homebuyer is defined as you or your spouse have not owne...
Every year the HamptonRoads area has the "Best of" for each city that residents get to acknowledge their favorite local businesses.  This year we are looking for your help in support of The Best Mortgage Company and The Best Reverse Mortgage Company at New American Mortgage. I will make it really...
  Here is a list of the Virginia Tax assessments as of March 17, 2009.  Let me know if I forgot any.  Most the the cities and counties now have online access to your tax assessment information and have included the websites if you click on each city.    City/County                 Phone #        ...
Last week we had another great turnout of 60 people attend the Networking With Social Media to Generate Leads with the Hampton Roads Internet Marketing and Technology Group.  Keith Parnell of the Jase Group was our featured speaker and really did a great job getting the crowd excited about all of...
My first re-blog so I had to share with everyone that this is a great feature of Active Rain. Thanks Brad for explaining to us! I'll be the first to admit, I didn't really like the previous ReBlog graphic/icon as I felt it was too big.  It moved my text around making my posts look funny, and it w...

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