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Price matters!Remember that house that you just fell in love with and could just picture all of your future family functions in??  Do you also remember that you saw the price and thought "It's out of our price range!  We would never be able to afford it!" Well, that's exactly what you'll be doing...
 Many people feel you can choose just any Real Estate Professional to be your agent. I mean they do all have access to MLS so, what's the difference? Well, there's a big difference & having the right Real Estate Professional for you can make or break the deal.Is your Real Estate Professional pass...
  Ahhh...  A new month, a new year... and a whole lot of fun stuff to get into around Ft. Worth!  Likely the biggest thing happening is the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo!  It's the kick-off event each year for the city & certainly something no one should miss!  So, to include the Stock Show, here...
Still looking for that perfect gift for a special someone for this holiday season?  Maybe you have some birthdays coming up that are to be celebrated & need gifts?  There are so many locally owned stores in Fort Worth that it makes shopping local too easy!  If you're still stumped, here's a quick...
There's soon to be a new neighborhood just west of town & it looks to be a beautiful one - Morningstar! Fort Worth developers Tim Fleet and Kim Gill have already begun utility work, paving is set to begin in December and construction is planned to begin in March 2016.You can expect such amenities...
 That's right! You are the CEO of your home sale! Yes, it's true the Real Estate Professional has access to all things real estate and is an essential part of the transaction but, the real power lies within your hands. You have the ultimate decision on the pricing, showing & negotiation. Treat yo...
 More and more technology is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Some people choose to fight it, some choose to use what they need of it to get by and others embrace it. For those that embrace technology may be on the path to what is called a "Smart Home" where different gadgets & technologies...
 Reata Realty owner & broker Donnie Keller has written a book Moving Forward: 25 Essential Rules for Buying and Selling Real Estate Without Going Crazy. In the coming weeks we are going to work through the book & talk about each rule a little more! Today I want to talk about the book as a whole &...
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The Evolution Of Cool Living  Genesis Towers has dared to ask the age old question, is there a better way of building a home? In today's fast paced world the traditional living/lifestyle and needs of housing have changed. Living rooms, formal dining rooms, and the traditional home concept has bec...

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