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Chicago IL - If your loan has Private Mortgage Insurance, also known as PMI, then there is a high likelihood that they will request that you sign a promissory note. Today's blog post talks about how to convince the lender to waive it. Discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale to av...
Only excalate the file when you believe the bank is loosing money, and show them documentation to prove!
It should not take 3-6 months to do a Short Sale, if so contact the owner of the loan, someone has dropped the ball!!
"I have an FHA loan and want to get a loan modification. My bank is playing hardball and won't modify the loan at all. My friend got a loan modification and said it was pretty easy. What can I do to modify my loan?" Check this out!
With Spring coming on, many more Short Sales being submitted, make sure the servicer is submitting to the owner of the loan. The bank does not own the loan!!
I know good credit is important, but consider high debt as bad as bad credit, banks still wont lend!!
Remember that the Negotiator is supposed to go by the owner of loans guidelines!! Make sure you get a copy of those guidelines, so is there are questions, you have the knowledge to address it..
I have talking to many anticipated sellers, and they are aftraid to attempt a Short Sale, so they do nothing.....People! this is the only way you can sell!!
Can the negotiator call the shots, or does the Loan owner have the last say?
There are things you can do if your lender drags there feet on your short sale, request the BPO!, so you can see the value the lender has denied...

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